7 Ways Shakespeare Makes For A Great Date Night

You might think taking a date to the latest summer blockbuster is the best way to spend a romantic summer evening. But a perfect way to impress your significant other is actually Shakespeare tickets. You’re guaranteed to have something to talk about over drinks and dessert, and your choice of entertainment will seem way more original than any idea of your average Tinder user.

1. The Macbeths’ relationship problems will always be bigger than yours…

Your relationship will seem so simple and easy when compared to the great romances of Shakespeare. Even the plays that end in wedded bliss have so many twists and turns that the radio station argument you had on the way to the show will seem completely inconsequential.

2. Shakespeare kind of invented the Meet Cute

The Shakespeare “romance” you both had to read in high school is not a narrative that inspires warm and fuzzy feelings—yes, Juliet and Romeo, we’re looking at you. But if you turn to the comedies, you will find genuine love-struck moments that rival any Nora Ephron movie.

3. Sharing Shakespeare can help you escape awkward pauses in your conversation

Shakespeare is bound to get you into a philosophical debate. Was the character really mad, or just crafty? To be, or not to be? A heated debate can make late night drinks more exciting, and a difference of opinion on Shakespeare is much less likely to end the evening than battling it out over convention rules or super delegates.

4. Shakespeare is your wingman

People often get hung up on Shakespearean insults, but he wrote some pretty great love lines, too. So even if the crush you bring to one Shakespeare offering isn’t “the one,” you’re stocking your romance bank for your next swoon-worthy invite.

5. Instagram potential

Avengers tickets? Photos of those have been clogging up your social media feed for weeks. But a program from a Shakespearean play is the kind of unique picture that will get likes and comments asking for your (and your date’s) review.

6. Unique experiences create unique bonds

You’ll walk away from the performance with a few inside jokes about ruffs, and you’ll be the only two in your friend’s group text calling your boss a fiend.

7. The cool factor of culture

You’ll feel cultured. They’ll feel cultured. And nothing brings a couple together like a temporary feeling of intellectual superiority.